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    We are by your side every step of the way!
GDP Shield


One of the first pioneering software solutions that consistently comply with:

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR (2016/679);
  • US California Consumer Privacy Act - CCPA (Bill 2018/1121);
  • Indian Personal Data Protection Bill;
  • Canadian The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA);
  • Australian Privacy Act (No. 119/1988);
  • Brazil's Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais - LGPD (2018);
  • Argentina's Bill No. MEN-2018-147-APN-PTE (to be adopted);

We are undergoing final procedures for compliance with China's Personal Data Protection Laws. GDP Shield customers are in compliance with all these major international laws regarding data privacy and protection.



Data security

The GDP Shield solution is made with powerful and secure web development technologies.

Personal data is encrypted and stored in databases and is protected against unauthorized access.

We use complex data encryption/security algorithms to provide maximum isolation and protection.

Our dedicated servers are state-of-the-art and benefit from modern management equipment/facilities.

Encrypted and anonymized data is automatically saved to backup servers.

Simple and intuitive

Our basic principle is SIMPLICITY.

Our solution ensures the security of the collected and processed data, automates and facilitates the work of a DPO, simplifies the obligations established by the GDPR Regulation and eliminates unjustified costs.

All these elements usually involve inherent allocations of money, time and labor. Not with GDP Shield.

Our software solution greatly reduces the risk of companies related to possible breaches of legal obligations, so it implicitly protects them against legal sanctions.

Completely Automated

GDP Shield fully respects the "Privacy by Design" principle.

Our solution automates the legal obligations, which means it encrypts and anonymizes the collected data, keeps the strict record of the activities in the user account, automatically generates, without external intervention, and without wasting time, it issues reports on the use of the data, as well as reports and deletion of the data.

It also includes an automatic control system for security breach detection, with complete log and data availability, to be notified to the competent national and international authorities.

Personalised Services

While acknowledging your right to decide on matters regarding the conduct of the company you own in terms of personal data protection, as specialists in this matter we always recommend contracting the services provided by the GDP Shield solution in conjunction with the audit services to your company regarding the necessary data protection procedures, as well as the services for drafting and providing the necessary documentation.

We also provide outsourced DPO services, thus providing a customized service package.

Reduced Costs

Since we value sincerity above all things, in all honesty, we must say there is no logical reason for costly data protection procedures.

We do not aim to incur additional costs in your company's pre-audit procedures, which is why we offer you this assessment free of charge, with a view to starting business relationships.

The monthly subscription to GDP Shield, and therefore compliance with the legal requirements regarding data protection, represents for you a much lower cost than any other possible and necessary variant for law enforcement.

D.P.I.A. Evaluation

DPIA is a process designed to describe the processing of personal data, to evaluate its necessity and proportionality and to contribute to risk management by establishing protective measures.

The DPIA is an important accountability tool because it helps you not only to comply with the GDPR requirements but also to demonstrate that you have taken appropriate steps to ensure compliance with the Regulation.

The user client of the GDP Shield solution benefits from an automated data impact assessment procedure, without any additional costs and interventions.

Software Solution

GDP Shield is clearly one of the simplest, most intuitive and secure web solutions in the world.

Our software solution is addressed to all companies which aim to comply with the provisions of all the major International Data Protection Laws, from the European Union to the USA, Latin America, India, Australia and China.

It is essentially a web-based solution - consisting of a complete and simple set of tools and services - which helps companies in creating and using a database with customers' personal data, but practically it is so much more. It is everything you need for worldwide compliance in terms of personal data privacy and security.

The saved data is stored encrypted (using multiple procedures and security levels) and is restrictively accessible, thus being in maximum security.

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GDP Shield users can automatically connect to and integrate the web solution into their websites. They can simply generate a unique API, which, after being integrated on the website, ensures perfect communication with the GDP Shield solution. Benefits:

  • automatic collection of all personal data, without human intervention;
  • automation of all the operational processes related to the protection of personal data that are mandatory by law;
  • automatic generation and integration of the privacy policy (including the cookie policy), customized for your website;
  • creation of a technical solution for automatic reporting;


If a single answer is negative, then you are not legally compliant.

Are your clients natural persons?

If you are a public or private legal person (government agency, local public institution, trading company, authorized natural person or individual enterprise), and if you perform any processing operation (collection, registration, organization, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, disclosure, etc.) of your personal data (email, phone numbers, IPs, identification numbers of any kind, biometrics data, medical data, addresses, etc.) then you are required to comply with the data protection laws.

In the age of technology, websites are the main means of promotion and commercial activity, in which context you are most likely to be the owner of one or more such communication and networking platforms.

Even the simplest presentation website is the collector (through cookies) of personal data, and for this, you have the obligation to make the website visitors aware of this aspect, and to obtain their express consent.

If you collect personal data by submitting them to visitors or users, then the legal rules regarding data security and respect for the rights of data subjects are all the more imperative.

The activity of a company involves not only compliance with the law in the online environment, but also in the current activity, daily, outside the online environment.

Thus, companies have employees whose rights to personal data privacy need to be respected, they have work posts that require video surveillance procedures, they need clear procedures for empowering people who come in contact with personal data and who have special access to the databases, they require an assessment of the impact on personal data, etc.

All these effective procedures are mandatory, their absence can generate huge fines.

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