GDP Shield is, essentially, a software that contains a complex set of tools and services that help companies and institutions to create, secure and manage their clients' personal database.

The saved data is stored and encrypted (using multiple procedures and complex levels of security) and access to the information is strictly controlled by the database owner (the client), thus being a maximum-security one.

GDP Shield is therefore among the simplest, easiest and most intuitive, but at the same time the most secure software solutions in the world, addressing the needs of all companies that aim to comply with the provisions of all the major international laws.

At the same time, the platform automates the entire process of storing, securing, reporting, remitting and deleting or requesting personal data, all just a click away.

Thus, the platform assumes, practically, all the responsibilities established by the law in charge of a DPO (Data Protection Officer), greatly easing its activity within the company, but especially guaranteeing compliance with the laws, and implicitly its compliance. What can be more important than that?

SOME ADVANTAGES: The solution above represents the ideal option for the purpose of compliance with the new legal obligations established by the personal data protection laws.

  • it ensures the absolute security of the data collected and processed
  • it automates and facilitates your work or DPO's
  • it implicitly diminishes the risk of legal fines
  • it simplifies the obligations established by the new laws

Periodically, we will introduce new web facilities and services tailored to the needs of our clients, which will be implemented as a result of and based on the feedback received. You will get these updates for free, free of additional charge.

Access to GDP Shield services is based on a monthly subscription and the prices of the subscriptions are adapted according to the needs of each company. Information regarding cost can be accessed on the website, upon creation of an account.

With GDP Shield, your business activity becomes extremely secure, easy, fast and efficient, while also ensuring absolute security of personal data.

Total Security

The GDP Shield user benefits from absolute security of the data collected and processed, by a system that automates and facilitates the activity of the DPO, thus reducing, by default, the risk of legal fines and completely simplifying the obligations established by the new international data protection laws.


Controlled management

The possibility of importing, modifying, completing and updating the stored personal data, the possibility to set the storage period, to automatically generate the Reports regarding the use or deletion of the data, historical log, automatic backup, etc.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

First and foremost, our philosophy is SIMPLICITY. We truly believe in simple and concise presentations and explanations about the object and that is, therefore, easy to understand. Our project thoroughly respects this rule.

We have created GDP SHIELD in such a way that everything is simple, clear and concise for any type of user, whether he/she is even a beginner. We paid close attention to clear expressions and procedures: from account creation to the automatic generation of custom APIs for websites and the generation of automatic reports, etc. All with the purpose of completely diminishing the time and stress caused by the responsibility of complex procedures for the protection of personal data.

 And, if you still have at your fingertips a platform that is so intuitive, but at the same time so powerful, with a simple and clear database, why not use it as an impeccable marketing tool, to identify the statistical behavior of customers, trends, categorizations according to desired criteria, efficient targeting of certain categories, and therefore, efficiency and business growth?

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GDP Shield in Images

A thousand words in a few images


Rule no. 1: Data Security

Personal data collected and processed must be stored and encrypted in a secure, with a redundant backup environment.

Rule no 2: Complementary compliance

Legal on-demand reports, scheduled and on-demand deletions, access and modification of data, risk assessment, security breach notifications, activity reports, etc.

Rule no. 3: Simple and intuitive

No experience is required to use our software solution. Everything is made simple, logical, intuitive and explained so that anyone can use our interface without problems.

Rule no. 4: Reduced costs

There is no logical reason for costly data protection procedures. Expenses must be reported at the actual level of activity of the company.

Rule no. 5: Automation

Today's technology has allowed us to create automatic procedures for all actions, so that, once the user account is set up, no further human intervention is required.

Rule no. 6: Worldwide Compliance

We have done a thorough analysis of all of these major laws and have succeeded in creating probably the first software that fully complies with and complies with all these laws.


If a single answer is negative, then you are not legally compliant.

Are your clients natural persons?

If you are a public or private legal person (government agency, local public institution, trading company, authorized natural person or individual enterprise), and if you perform any processing operation (collection, registration, organization, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, disclosure, etc.) of your personal data (email, phone numbers, IPs, identification numbers of any kind, biometrics data, medical data, addresses, etc.) then you are required to comply with the data protection laws.

In the age of technology, websites are the main means of promotion and commercial activity, in which context you are most likely to be the owner of one or more such communication and networking platforms.

Even the simplest presentation website is the collector (through cookies) of personal data, and for this, you have the obligation to make the website visitors aware of this aspect, and to obtain their express consent.

If you collect personal data by submitting them to visitors or users, then the legal rules regarding data security and respect for the rights of data subjects are all the more imperative.

The activity of a company involves not only compliance with the law in the online environment, but also in the current activity, daily, outside the online environment.

Thus, companies have employees whose rights to personal data privacy need to be respected, they have work posts that require video surveillance procedures, they need clear procedures for empowering people who come in contact with personal data and who have special access to the databases, they require an assessment of the impact on personal data, etc.

All these effective procedures are mandatory, their absence can generate huge fines.

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