The major challenge undertaken by us when creating the GDP Shield Software consisted in the elaboration, conceptual simplification and automation of the tools and processes necessary to comply with the all the major Laws and Regulations on Personal Data Protection, while ensuring:

  • protection of individuals with regard to personal data collected and processed by companies;
  • protection of companies against the risk of considerable financial sanctions, along with a number of very important additional benefits;

Therefore, we managed to create a simple-to-use, customizable and intuitive, easy-to-understand software solution that automates personal data security legal obligations, and not only.

Our web-app solution is, in fact, a database for companies, which is highly secured, simple, intuitive, automated and integrated with websites as well as with a large number of specific applications on the market.

General Presentation

GDP Shield is one of the simplest, most intuitive, secure and fully compliant web solutions on the specialized market worldwide.

We have studied similar solutions and services very carefully, and what we are stating the above as a fact, not as a marketing ploy.

Our software solution addresses all companies that intend to comply with the provisions of the EU Regulation on GDPR - Protection of Personal Data (2016/679), US California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Indian Data Privacy Bill, and any other major law in the field.

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General Presentation


Our main objective is to simplify the activity of companies in the field of security, protection and management of personal data.

Therefore, we aimed to create a complete set of facilities and automations that will achieve precisely the purpose we have set for ourselves.

Thus, our software solution, among others, creates a central and secure database, automates and implements information processes that otherwise would require considerable human effort. The database thus created becomes a valuable statistical and marketing medium, therefore an efficient means to optimize your economic activity.

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In developing the service packages, we started from the idea of your most important requirements. In the current economic context, the size of a company has fallen to a secondary level.

Today there are companies with only a few employees who manage databases in the online environment with hundreds of thousands of people. There are also medium-size and large companies, with hundreds and thousands of employees, who are required to ensure the security of their employees' personal data.

Our solution is addressed to both small companies, mainly online, and medium-size and large companies with complex commercial activities.

Thus, our service packages are designed to meet all your needs and requirements.

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