The GDP Shield solution also offers the following facilities:
IT Technology: The GDP Shield soluțion is built using powerful and secure web development technologies, providing a pleasant, interactive, simple and intuitive experience.
Equipments: Our dedicated servers are state-of-the-art and feature modern management equipment (Centos OS, WHM, Cpanel, SSD hosting, Gigabit Connection, Dedicated IPs, Encrypted DiskSafe / FileSystem, Firewall / dDos Antivirus, dedicated IPs for unauthorized access restriction, etc.), providing fast and secure access to customer data.
Security: Customer data is stored encrypted in databases and protected from unauthorized access. We use complex data encryption / securing algorithms to provide maximum isolation and protection.
Backup: Encrypted and anonymized data will be automatically saved to backup servers (at least 4 external locations: Bucharest, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Washington) and extra redundantly saved to a Google Drive (backup).

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