Naturally, as specialists in the field, we will always recommend contracting the services provided by the GDP-Shield solution - one of the most coherent, complete and intuitive software solutions existing on the market. When it comes to the outsourced DPO services, or even the two services together, in a complete package.

However, we acknowledge your right to decide on the course of action of the company you own in matters of personal data protection, and that is why we also provide a limited services package, with a one-time cost, and without any other recurring expenses.


Services included are:

  • Analysis and preparation of a preliminary report on data protection compliance requirements;
  • Developing and offering the necessary documentation regarding data protection;
  • Assistance in the implementation of the documentation made available within the company;

IMPORTANT: these services will not ensure constant compliance over time with the data protection laws, they do not provide permanent outsourced DPO services and do not ensure access to the secure database for personal data.

After the necessary documentation has been developed and made available by us, you will need to ensure compliance with all other legal obligations imposed by the data protection laws: data anonymization, encryption, security, reporting on-demand data, on-demand deletion, on-time deletion, breach notifications security etc.

For more details and a personalized offer please contact us.

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